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Review of Leitner Berlin Cruiser Electric Bike

In September 2019 I purchased an e-bike online. The make was Leitner, and the model was the Berlin Cruiser. Here's the link: . Leitner is an online-only bike retailer, which feels a bit weird from a first-time customer perspective. It's a very lean operation. They have no physical stores, and no workshop service. Without these expensive overheads, it means that they can keep the cost of their e-bikes relatively low. The bikes are made in China, flatpacked, and shipped to Leitner's depots in Australia. If you live near a depot you can arrange to pick you order up in person. This is what I did in the suburb of Dandenong, Victoria. Their website doesn't state where their other depots are. I assume they have one in Sydney, and maybe other Australian cities. If you wish to try-before-you-buy, then the only way is to find a happy customer of Leitner near you who has kindly volunte