Review of Leitner Ultimate 700c Electric Bike. Almost Ultimate!

In September 2019 I purchased my first e-bike, the Leitner Berlin Cruiser. You can read my detailed review here: . Even if you're not specifically interested in the Berlin Cruiser model, I still recommend that you do read the above review because it talks more broadly about e-bikes, about Leitner, about self-assembly, etc. than this this review does. In November 2020 I purchased *another* Leitner electric bike, the 700c Ultimate . Why? Because: My wife said I could. Thanks Em! The 700c is Leitner's latest model, and I *probably* would have chosen this one the first time around, if it had been available back in September 2019. It was a pandemic present to ourselves. OK, let's get down to the review. Pros: It's significantly lighter than my Berlin Cruiser. It weighs in at 17kg instead of 25kg. It feels and handles less sluggishly. True, the electric motor helps to nullify the weight effect when yo

Review of Leitner Berlin Cruiser Electric Bike

In September 2019 I purchased an e-bike online. The make was Leitner, and the model was the Berlin Cruiser. Here's the link: . Leitner is an online-only bike retailer, which feels a bit weird from a first-time customer perspective. It's a very lean operation. They have no physical stores, and no workshop service. Without these expensive overheads, it means that they can keep the cost of their e-bikes relatively low. The bikes are made in China, flatpacked, and shipped to Leitner's depots in Australia. If you live near a depot you can arrange to pick you order up in person. This is what I did in the suburb of Dandenong, Victoria. Their website doesn't state where their other depots are. I assume they have one in Sydney, and maybe other Australian cities. If you wish to try-before-you-buy, then the only way is to find a happy customer of Leitner near you who has kindly volunte